My Dogs

This page is a tribute to my awesome boys, that without them I wouldn’t be where I am today, I owe you all so much and enjoy the countless great adventures we have had and continue to have together.

Palladium’s Blue Trail Blazer - 'Blue'


Red and White Border Collie  |  2017

The latest addition to my pack is little Blue.  He is another purebred pedigree dog who came all the way from Rotorua.

At 11 months old, Blue has been the easiest pup I have ever dealt with.  He’s a bit of an old soul. I am sure he has been here before!
He has tonnes of drive and enthusiasm and is a real pleasure to have around.  

Blue is currently training for competition obedience as well as taking over some of Max’s duties when he retires. I am looking forward to a fun and bright future with this beautiful boy!

Southridge Dream Chaser - 'Chase' CDX


Tri Border Collie  |  2013 

Chase is the first purebred pedigree I have owned.

Not only is Chase a bit of a pretty boy he is also a real thinker, show him once, twice and he’s got it! Training with him has been an awesome experience.

Chase has been competing in obedience competition since he was 17 months of age.  He absolutely thrives in the competition arena, though it is not unusual for him to bark up a storm before he enters the ring.

My proudest competition moment with Chase was at the NDOA (National Dog Obedience Assembly) up in Fielding in 2017.  We won our test comp against 45 other competitors from all around New Zealand.  

Chase achieved his CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) status in 2016, where he was also awarded the highest qualifier during the test.

Chase also assists me with one-on-one sessions and is also my demo dog for my Intermediate Obedience classes as well.
This boy has the potential to hit some serious milestones.  Watch this space!

 Max - CDX RN


My Mutt Special  |  2007

I rescued Max at 5 months old - he was a failed pig dog that was headed for the offal pit!

He is my steady gentle giant, who loves the sound of his own voice, but yet adored by all that meet him.

Max has over the years turned his paws to many thing’s, he has been on Kid Zone, featured in a dog food commercial and also started competing in competition obedience at 3 years of age.
One of my most proud competition achievements with Max was achieving his CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title as well as his Rally O Novice (RN), in 2014.

Max at the age of 10 years is still my number one dog for many one-on-one sessions as well as being my faithful demonstration dog in my Beginners obedience classes as well.

Max has helped countless dogs and their owners over the years, and it is fair to say, (now that he is reaching retirement), he is proving to be a hard dog to replace!

This ol’ boy is so unbelievably loyal and one of a kind!



Border Collie x Labrador x Mastiff  |  1998 – 2014

Jake was an extra special dog for me. He was where my professional dog training and behavioural career started.

The first time I saw this tiny black and white puppy in Black’s Pet Store in Christchurch, I just knew I had to have him!  Jake was proof that it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Jake was 7 years old when I started training him.  Up until then he pulled on his lead, would lunge and snap at other dogs nearby and would lie on the boundary fence when I wasn’t at home.  Within 6 months of teaching him what I had learnt he become so steady that he become my one-on-one dog - who helped with other reactive dogs during sessions, not to mention my obedience class demo dog as well!

Jake’s work ethic was amazing.  Even at 16 years of age and with his eyesight and hearing failing, he would wait at my car wanting to come to classes.

I learnt a lot from Jake over his lifetime, I was lucky enough to have the privilege of experiencing that special bond between dog and owner for the first time.

I owe the start of my career to this gorgeous boy!