Owning a dog whether it be a puppy or re homed dog is a big responsibility.

These days it’s not uncommon to have our dogs sleeping inside, going on holiday with us, exercising with us, at kids sports and at school pet days.

With this increased exposure in many different environments dogs and their owners need more training, in order to be able to be accepted as sociable and their owners as responsible.

This is why it is more important than ever over the first 12 months, to invest as much time as you can into your pup or dogs training, in order to give your dog the sound base they require to fit into your lifestyle.

I can help you with this through a motivating and positive in home one on one session or through a fun and relaxed group class environment.

in home one-on-one sessions

I will come to your home and go through techniques on how to solve specific dog /puppy behavioural problems and talk about the underlying reasons why these occur.

Or I will come to your home and demonstrate with your dog how to achieve the four basic dog obedience exercises of “Sit”, “Stay”, “Coming back when called” and “Walking on lead properly”

These sessions are for 90 minutes and are great for some of the following reasons:

  • Reactivity towards dogs, people or other animals,

  • Barking,

  • Pulling on lead,

  • Jumping up,

  • Digging,

  • Toilet training,

  • Coming back when called,

  • How to get your dog prepared for baby arriving

  • Reactivity between family dogs,

  • Stock proofing,

  • Basic training,

  • Obsessive behaviours,

  • Insecurity, etc, etc.

I have one on one sessions available during the day, evenings and weekends.

Please contact me for prices as cost is dependent on where you are based.

  • Payment for one on one session’s can be made via cash or internet banking.

  • My account details for Internet banking are as follows: ANZ 01-0877-0230005-00

  • Please reference your name and your dog’s name.