Hi, I'm Julie Donovan

 a passionate Canine Behaviourist

Julie and Chase

Julie and Chase

I have been a dog trainer and professional dog behaviourist since 2006.  In 2008 I completed the ‘Principles of Canine Behaviour’ paper through Massey University. 

I have trained over 2500 dogs (and their owners!) through one-on-one sessions and classes.  And around 300 group dog and agility courses. 

I pride myself on offering a professional and friendly training service to all dog owners, whether you are looking at group obedience training for your dog / puppy or one-on-one sessions to help answer any unwanted behavioural or training issues.

I offer a ‘choice’ based behaviour / training approach, as this ensures that your dog understands how to behave regardless if you are around or not.

My rates are affordable, so I can reach and educate as many dog owners as possible.  I want every dog owner to experience the same amazing relationship that I have with my 3 dogs, Max, Chase and Blue.

On a personal level, the highlight of my professional career so far was at the beginning of 2017 when I helped train 10-month-old Kai, a Golden Retriever, to learn to recognise and indicate his owner’s type 1 Diabetic lows.

 I have represented the Southern Region (South Island) team’s event in Competition Obedience on numerous occasions, where the high light of my individual competition career was Chase and I successfully winning our Test against 45 other competitors from all over New Zealand in Fielding, Labour Weekend 2017.

Check out my Facebook page for dog training tricks and tips and information on classes.

My services page includes information on training classes, behaviour and in-home one-on-one sessions and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions relating to dog training or behaviour with your favourite four-legged canine friend.

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